Things to Consider Before Buying Steel Bars

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In the construction industry, steel bars are essential for creating bridges, multi-story buildings, homes, and other structures. Steel bars improve the building’s overall strength and quality. It also increases the structure’s lifespan.

Steel comes in a variety of forms and grades. For example, alloy, carbon, and stainless steels. High tensile strength and ductility are attributes of branded steel bars, such as those made by Kamran Steel, which are created through a standardized manufacturing method. These bars offer a high degree of flexibility and resistance to corrosion. Plus, steel bars are better appropriate for all kinds of buildings due to their strong capacity to absorb shock.

No matter how big the project is, selecting the correct grade steel bars is essential to its success. Purchasing steel bars should be preceded by a thorough assignment. So let’s dive in and examine the seven crucial aspects to take into account when purchasing steel bars for your ideal projects.


Billet is a form of material that does indicate the quality of the final product. Ideally, steel bars should be made with iron ore as the raw material and not scrap. Identifying the raw materials being used in making a steel bar can give an idea of its quality. Many steel manufacturers use scraps or ingots. These may affect the steel bars’ strength, flexibility and longevity. Chemical properties of a steel bar like the percentage of carbon, phosphorus, sulphur and other chemicals are some of the key factors deciding the strength of steel bars.


Examine the manufacturing process of steel bars. Removing impurities of the bars is vital to impart tensile strength, flexibility and ductility to steel bars. PLC controlled continuous linear rolling mill, precise quenching process and automated cooling bed make sure the bars are in perfect shape and composite structure. The soft inner core and hard outer core give excellent yield and strength to the bar along with ductility and weldability. Such a fully-automated process gives uniformity to the shape and strength of the steel bars. Good manufacturing processes produce good quality steel bars.


There are many grades of steel bars. Prior to purchase, always verify the steel bar’s grade. Higher-grade steel bars are required when building in an area that is prone to earthquakes. The tensile, yield, and durability of various types of steel bars vary due to their varied chemical makeup during manufacturing. When it comes to civil construction, Grade-420 and Grade-520 are the most favored grades out of all those on the market.


The most important factor is the quality of the steel bars, particularly if you plan to build a structure in an area that is prone to flooding or high rainfall. Steel bars made of anti-corrosive steel give structures the much-needed strength. Steel bars are designed to withstand a wide range of demanding conditions, including high air moisture content, saline groundwater, acidic soil, and other external weakening factors. Selecting a steel bar that is resistant to corrosion can greatly improve the structure. The structure holds its strength for an extended duration.


Large fissures can compromise the building’s structural integrity and safety, yet they are an inevitable part of concrete construction. Steel bars with maximum flexibility can minimize breaks caused by high-degree shocks, seismic strain, concrete permeability, or creep movement. Buildings’ flexibility and strength can be significantly increased by using galvanized steel bars embedded in reinforced concrete. The sturdy bars support the framework without fracturing.


Generally speaking, quality steel bars are certified. It is usually better to choose reputable brands over less known ones because they meet international standards, providing a clear indication of the brand’s standing, longevity, and quality.


Before purchasing a steel bar, the final and crucial step is to perform a tensile strength test. The purpose of this test is to determine the material’s response to force. It displays the stiffness, yield quality, tensile strength, etc. of the material. Choose a brand like Kamran Steel that offers you the appropriate quality checks before delivery and has testing facilities.

Above all, the price factor is also an important factor to consider. Use the Kamran Steel Price Calculator to get the estimated bill for your steel bars requirement.

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