– To produce products according to national and international standards
– To achieve the main goal of customer satisfaction and employee’s performance

At Kamran Steel quality is tested at every stage for a better product. In order to achieve good quality, we import our raw materials from the best ferrous scrap suppliers around the world. We are equipped with modern wet lab facilities and latest Spectro labs from Germany through which quality control measures are matched to the product quality standards. The Spectro labs determine the physical and chemical composition of the steel billets and steel bars.

Universal testing machines are used to conduct a stress test on the steel bars that gives reading of the tensile, compression and bending / shearing of metal, ensuring that the bars are manufactured under strict quality standards.

Spectro Lab

- Spectro MAXX 04
- Spectro MAXX 05
- Spectro MAXX 06

Mechanical Lab

Universal Testing
Machine 2000 KN

Wet Lab

Kamran Steel Quality assurance
Kamran Steel Quality assurance
Steel companies have many opportunities to improve their management practices and respond effectively to the challenges of climate change. As a leader in the steel industry, Kamran Steel has taken the lead in adapting their practices in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the overall climate impact of steel manufacturing. For this purpose, we have launched voluntary emission reduction programs and acquired certification from international organizations to vouch for our environmental friendly practices. For the future, Kamran Steel will also ensure precision calculation and management towards reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as opposed to increase in emissions intensity levels that occur naturally over time. We are committed towards purchasing and producing renewable energy, investing in low-carbon technologies, working to improve energy efficiency, and offering new products and services aimed at reducing emissions through practical strategies for the steel industry of Pakistan.
Kamran Steel Quality assurance
Kamran steel Quality Assurance
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Copyright © 2021 Kamran Steel. All rights reserved.