Identify Top Quality Steel Bars For Building Construction

Identify Best Steel Bars for your Building - Kamran Steel

It should go without saying that the best steel bars are used for lifespan and safety while building a dream home or a megamall. Steel bars are necessary to keep the concrete blocks together and preserve the building’s structure for many years to come. That’s precisely why selecting the appropriate steel distributor is the first step to making sure you are at the right place.

Selecting subpar bars from the market might be less expensive, but there will be expensive consequences. To ensure that the steel bars’ quality is never compromised, only purchase from reliable steel distributors.

A Few Reminders When Buying Steel Bars:

Steel Bar Grade

The higher the grade of the STEEL bar, the better the quality. There are different grades of bars available in Pakistan – Metric Grade 280, Metric Grade 420, and Metric Grade 520. The steel bars can be used according to the space/area of construction. When compared to lower-grade steel bars like Grade 2800, high-grade steel bars like Grade 520 have greater yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation. As a result, high-grade steel bars are better suited for usage in massive and tall constructions since they are more resilient and able to handle greater stress and pressure. Smaller residential buildings and other structures with fewer load-bearing needs can use low-grade steel bars like Grade 420.

Tensile Strength & Ductility

The steel bars must be strong enough to support the weight and pressure they will be subjected to after construction and flexible enough to bend to your specifications. Top-quality steel bars such as Kamran steel bars are strong enough to avoid cracks, even when they are bent at an angle of 90 degrees or more.

Bar Elongation & Ductility

The closely related characteristics of steel ductility and elongation capability indicate a material’s capacity to undergo deformation under stress without breaking. Elongation is the amount of strain a material experiences before breaking, whereas ductility is the degree of distortion a material can withstand without breaking.

Several parameters, such as the chemical composition, microstructure, and production conditions of steel, affect its elongation capability. Because they are stronger and harder, steels with higher carbon and other alloying element content typically have lower ductility and elongation. On the other hand, steels with higher elongation and lower carbon and alloying element levels are more ductile.

Corrosion Resistance

Steel bars are bound to encounter moisture during construction. Substandard bars can easily rust and corrode which would weaken the structure. So ensure to use only top-quality steel bars that are corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant from trusted steel distributors.

Branding And Manufacturers Reputation

Always ensure the manufacturer’s seal is present on every meter of the steel bar. The brand’s logo should also be engraved on every bar. Ensure that all steel bars in the bundle are of equal length and thickness.

Check For Three Distinct Rings When The Cut Ends Of Steel Bars Are Etched:

1) A tempered outer ring of martensite

2) A semi-tempered middle ring of martensite and bainite

3) A mild circular core of bainite, ferrite, and pearlite

Your structure is only as good as the steel bars you use for its construction. Always choose strong and long-lasting steel bars from trusted steel distributors such as Kamran Steel’s steel bars. Which would help you build a dream structure with zero compromise and a lot of pride.

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Copyright © 2021 Kamran Steel. All rights reserved.