How do you store Steel Bars on a Construction site?

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Steel bars provide structural support stability and safety for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. Steel bars must be stored properly to protect against corrosion and other problems that can compromise their strength. During construction, steel bars stored at the site for a long time can be prone to harsh atmospheres that can cause rust or corrosion that can compromise their strength. So, proper handling and storage of steel bars are necessary to guarantee their safety.

Tips for Storing Steel Bars

Steel bars must be stored properly to preserve their durability and quality. To make sure that your steel bars are properly stored, follow these guidelines:

Raising from the Bottom

When selecting a storage location for your steel bars, it’s important to choose a flat location, a level surface that is free of debris and standing water. To avoid any direct contact with soil or water, the bars should be maintained at least 6 to 8 inches above the ground level. To build an elevated platform for storage, use bricks or wooden planks.

Adequate Covering

Steel bars are highly reactive to moisture and dust. Thus, they must always be kept under a shade and covered with polyethylene sheets or tarpaulin. Your steel bars need to be sufficiently covered to keep out the sun, rain, and other bad weather. For this use, a waterproof cover is perfect. 

Do Not Bend

Avoid twisting or bending the bars while they are being stored to preserve their structural integrity. They ought to be kept upright for storage.

Sort according to Type and Size

Bars that are the same size and type should be kept together for convenience of use and identification. Stacking them according to their diameter prevents them from falling.



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Copyright © 2021 Kamran Steel. All rights reserved.